When people outgrow people…

Imagine this. You start talking to someone, both of you get comfortable. Chats continue, calls increase, yet of course you’re both just friends. But slowly, talking to each other becomes a habit rather than an effort. You wait each day for that one call or text from them to start giving them a minute-to-minute go-by of the day and vice-versa.

But one day, suddenly things change. You can’t exactly put a finger on what went wrong, but calls stop. So do the texts. You want to talk, but the thought that he/she might be busy stops you from making that random call/text. So you wait. But soon you realise that call’s not coming. Then comes the anxiety, the worry, the stress and the loneliness.

But never in a million times, did one would think or consider the possibility that the other person just didn’t want to continue that pattern of regular correspondence. Because for them, things may have changed. That being-in-touch regularly might not hold any interest for them anymore. In other words, they might simply have outgrown you. Nope, no reason, no explanation. Nada! You simply have to accept that, and then get on with your life. It’s not easy, because one of you did prioritise the other. But holding on to that thought is only going to hurt you, stress you out, and the anxiety that you did something wrong to change things would creep you out. However, then again one day, you’ll receive another text from them and you’ll realise that they’re the same person they were before. Nothing’s changed there.

So it’s okay, let that change come. Learn not to prioritise anyone more than yourself. Focus on your life! Because in the end you’ve got to realise that people do change. And there’s absolutely nothing that one can do to stop that.

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