Not an alien word, or something unheard of! We’ve seen the use of this word growing in our daily lives, thanks to the increasing number of this “crime” against women of all age.

The crime statistics rolled out by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) for the year 2016…. states the obvious that India – rural and urban alike – is becoming unsafe for women. A total of 338,000 incidents of crime against women were recorded in 2016 against the total of 329,000 crimes against women in 2015. Rape, the most horrendous crime against women too has seen a surge as a total of 38,947 rapes were reported in 2016, compared to 34,651 in 2015. (Source:https://m.indiatimes.com/news/india/926-assaults-on-women-take-place-every-day-in-india-and-these-10-states-record-most-crimes-365439.html)

Not something new, right? We don’t really need the above data to know just how much the women of our country suffer in terms of abuse.

And the perpetrator of that abuse? Men! That’s what we all think. But the truth is, it is not only men who abuse or harass a women.


So apparently, there are women too who harass other women. Because wearing “short clothes” or “revealing too much of legs” makes one vulnerable and prone to being raped! We live in a country that not only boasts of it’s moral & ethnic values, but also celebrates diversity in culture. Developing and growing alongside the different countries of the world, India has undergone change in her outlook, perspective and the way of life. Living in the 21st century, we proudly acclaim that we are “modern”, yet somewhere still nurture some “old fashioned” ideals.

Moral policing on the way one dress’s, eat’s or react’s is a common trend. All of us, at some point, do judge each other on one or the other factor. But how can we think that having the right to speech and expression guaranteed to us, we are entitled to make derogatory remarks towards another person? How is it justified? Why do we take it upon ourselves to reduce a person’s self-worth based on the way they dress? And what gives anyone the RIGHT to justify RAPE as being the victim’s fault?

Why is RAPE normalised citing the following reasons?

  • Wrong dress/not fully covered
  • Staying out late
  • Being friend’s / hanging out with boys
  • Travelling alone
  • Too much make-up, and what not!

I also agree, that the way those girls handled the women in the video was not right, because “an eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind”.

  • Body shaming her was not cool.
  • Threatening her on getting raped due to her “tight clothes” was not cool.
  • Stooping down to her level to make her apologise wasn’t cool!

But that Women, and all others who share her thoughts need to understand this too:

Making derogatory remarks on the way people dress is absolutely NOT COOL!

Telling someone they deserve to be RAPED beacuse of the way they dress is unpardonable!

You say such things and you will be abashed, irrespective of your age or gender! People need to learn to keep their thoughts to themselves and keep their mouth shut if they cannot abstain from making such comments.

*Need of the hour – learn to live and let “others live peacefully” even if there’s no peace in your life or in your “brain“!

4 thoughts on “RAPE

  1. We cannot come on the conclusion straight away !!
    Like I’m totally against if what she said , but maybe this lady is suffering from some kind of mental illness or trauma which makes her utter such racist remarks. !!

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